Become a skilled meditator with our Mindfulise App.

Become a skilled meditator with the science based set of interactive tools and exercises designed for optimal growth of life changing mindfulness while in the hectic world.

Ground-breaking, on-screen tools & exercises for optimal mastery of life-changing mindfulness.


Tools for instant presence

Access mindfulness effortlessly, with unique Perception Tracking Interface, supporting your awareness in non-perfect conditions. (e.g. on a train, break, walk, while waiting, when stressed etc).

Master Meditation as you exercise

Exercises are grounded in science researched, mindful meditation techniques proven effective in transcending stress, improving quality of life, relationships, health and more.

Master mindful observation

Mindfulise guides your awareness, allowing you to train art of perception, making you more perceptive, sharp and clear about what happens inside and outside of you.

Master fundamental mindfulness skills

Experience range of solutions for maintaining, guiding and systematically growing awareness to let you get the most out of every second of mindfulising.

Struggling with distractions?

Exercises equip you with essential skills and tools to deal with anything life throws at you.

Transform stress on the go

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, use it as an opportunity to mindfulise for few minutes, transcend contraction into expansion and grow everytime.

Sensory Mastery

Based on Vipassana meditation, this interactive workout will fast track youin becoming a master meditator. Designed to use on the go and at home, it minimises distractions. It also gives you feedback on your sensory awareness and shows your blind spots for optimal growth.

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Body Scan

This workout is based on science researched body scan meditation developing body connection. Mindfulise’s body scan facilitates this processs by asking you to commit moment to moment awaranesses via unique interface designed for effortless tracking of body locations, intensities and qualites.

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Inner Screen Tune Up

Develop clarity of your thinking process. With this workout you will break down thinking process into visual and auditory componets allowing you to track the ongoing process playing out in your head and affecting quality of your life.

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